Summer Teacher Fellowship Programme 2014: Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Teacher Fellowship Programme 2014
Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education (RRCEE)
Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. I have been teaching for only two years, will I still be allowed to be a part of the programme?
Yes. If you have been involved in full time teaching for a minimum duration of one year, you will be eligible to apply for the programme.

2. Will I be required to pay any amount to be a part of the programme?
No. The programme is fully funded and includes access to all the sessions, materials provided, and food. However, you will have to make your own arrangements for your travel to and from Delhi.

3. I want to attend only a few sessions in the programme. Would that be okay?
No. SFP is a full time residential programme and Fellows would be expected to attend all sessions. We expect the Fellows to not have any other engagements during the duration of the SFP.

4. I am not very good at writing. Will it be okay if I am a part of the SFP and do not write the reflective essay/article?
SFP is structured to provide writing support to the Fellows. The reflective essay/paper would be an integral part of the SFP and we expect all Fellows to write at least one essay/paper. But if you want to write more, you are more than welcome.

5. Will I be paid for my travel and other expenses?
SFP has no registration fees. The fellows are provided boarding and lodging for the duration of the programme. However, travel arrangements will have to be made by the selected fellows on their own.

6. I do not have access to high speed Internet and would want to fill the form in hard copy. What should I do?
Yes, of course you can fill in the form in hard copy. However, you will have to download the form and print it. The postal address for posting the form is indicated on the website – as well as the in the announcement.

7. My school is opening early and the dates of the programme are coinciding. What do I do?
Since the dates for summer holidays across the country are so varied, we have tried to schedule the programme at a time that would be suitable for most. If the dates are still not suitable, and you are selected for the programme, we suggest that you talk to your school authorities and share with them the details of the programme. In this regard, RRCEE would be willing to provide any information that would stand to be useful.

8. I have sent in my application but I have not heard back from RRCEE yet. Where can I find out about the status of my application?
We get a high volume of applications for the programme and have a rigorous process of scrutiny. We do communicate to all applicants the status of their application.

9. I have other questions that I would like to ask. Who can I write to?
Please send an email to Vivek at [email protected] or alternatively call RRCEE at 011-27667434

10. Who are some of the people that I will get to interact with during the SFP?
Well, most importantly you will get to interact with other teachers from across India. Also, the programme includes several interesting individuals from diverse fields. Some of them are:


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