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My Nani Lives in Pakistan

War like situation. Excitement everywhere. Especially on What’s App groups. Messages are forwarded. Animated discussions at home. Children join the euphoria.

Classroom Situation: Excitement continues. Sharing of information happens. Isn’t it just like some of the games they play in videos?  Sentences and Vocabulary  like Phulwama, Militant, Terrorists, Air Craft, Pakistan Murdabaad, Sab ko Uda Denge, Chun kar Khatam Kar Denge, Pakistan Ko Map se hatta denge are resounding in the classrooms.                                                                                                     HAHA HAHA HAHA HAHA……..

But, what is this? Why is one of them fighting and asking others to stop? Why doesn’t he want them to raise such slogans? Why is he upset? Of course, no one bothers to listen to him.

He is helpless. He is alone. Others can’t understand his behaviour. Why can’t he enjoy? Why can’t he celebrate? Why is he crying now? Maybe he is a Pakistani………..Maybe he is a terrorist…

The helpless child feels even more helpless and cries. He is in a shock.

Teacher enters the class. Asks the reason for the commotion and the tears. Enquires as to why the celebration and why the fear? Some of the things they utter:

  • Indian Air force attacked Jaish-e -Mohammad Camp.
  •  The whole country is celebrating. India has taught Pakistan a lesson.
  •  Wahan pe aur bhi toh log hain jo mar sakte hain ….Jab bhi kuch hota hai toh massom log bhi mar jaate hain…   (There are other people there, they could have died…….whenever something happens innocent lives are lost….)
  •  India and Pakistan always have problems with each other.    
  • Wahan pe Indians bhi ho sakte hain. Wo bhi toh mar sakte hai.  (Indians might be living there. Even they could have died.)
  •  Imran Khan has started this problem He is responsible.
  •  Pakistan is asking for Kashmir from India. They want to bring tourists and make money.
  • China is also with Pakistan.
  • Wahan nuclear bomb gira do………Wahan laser bomb gira do… (Drop a nuclear bomb there………Drop a laser bomb there…..)
  • Pehle hamare wahan se khana aur paani jata tha ab humne band kar diya…  (Earlier we used to send food and water to Pakistan now we have stopped….)

The helpless child continues to sit with tears in his eyes. There is a glimpse of frustration and anger too…. When coaxed he said………….


Teacher tries to explain. Children apologize to the one who is crying. The class is over. The commotion has come to a standstill.

Has it really? Was the apology sincere? Were they forgiven sincerely?

Is there any assurance that no discussion on this will take place now?

Would the teacher’s explanation of history and politics suffice to bring back love and peace in the society?

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