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Research About ‘Action Research As A Tool For Effcetive Curriculum Development And Transaction’

Dear all

My name is Kavita Ghosh. I have done B.El.Ed. followed by Masters in education. I am keen on pursuing higher studies. It has been quite a long time since I have been thinking of an appropriate topic for research at M.Phil or Ph.D level. After reading the literature from different sources the topic that has really spurred interest in me is ‘Action Research’. I have taught for almost seven years and I think that teachers often lack the insight to make use of research tool to resolve the problems faced in the field. Kindly advice me on the following

1. Is a probe into ‘Action Research’ worth at M.Phil or Ph.D level.

2. I am thinking of exploring the status of action research in pre service teacher education. What other strands of action research can be in included in the study. I mean from waht other angles can I look at action research to include it in my research.

3. Whether ‘action research’ as a topic is taught at graduate or post graduate teacher education courses. If yes, exactly what is included under’ action research’.

Waiting for reply. Your advice will help me shape my ideas.

Best Regards