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The Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education is built on the understanding that qualitative changes in educational practice can come about only when teacher’s conscious ‘efforts’ go into conceptualizing and reflecting on their practice. To enable this, we believe that it is imperative to work with various actors-teachers, teacher educators, student teachers and researchers- and institutions.

RRCEE is conceptualized to enable institutes of higher education to support and strengthen quality and equity in elementary education. One of the core ideas behind RRCEE is that of bridging the gap between university and schools.  Elementary teacher education institutions engaged with the pre-service and in-service of teachers have typically remained severely isolated from centres of higher learning as well as from schools. Traditional isolation from centres of higher learning have ‘created’ teachers who merely learn to implement a given curricula. Intellectually isolated thus, teachers are neither viewed as agents of change nor are they seen as generators of knowledge. Isolation from schools on the other hand, has taken teachers away from the real challenges of the classroom; the learning child and the societal context. The programmes of teacher education leave the ‘real’ classroom-based concerns of the teacher and children’s learning largely unaddressed.

Hence this university-school linkage is built on the understanding and evolving belief amongst Indian practitioners that qualitative changes in educational practice can come about only when teacher’s conscious efforts go into conceptualizing, operationalizing and reflecting on their practice.

The centre houses a library with a rich collection of books and other media on education and host of related themes. RRCEE library comprises reading materials in the form of books, select journal articles, research reports, policy and other Government documents related to elementary education. The library and the web-portal also, houses Hindi translations of select readings, teacher resources as well as compendium of learning activities, covering a wide range of needs of teachers, student teacher, teacher educator and Children. Currently the RRCEE library consists of 2993 titles of books, which cover a broad range of issues in Education, including teacher’s resources, children’s literature and writings within the Indian Context. RRCEE has continued to add books to its rich repository. The new collection added has special focus on Education in the neo-liberal world and critical inquiry into education and children’s literature. The library is being regularly used by scholars and teachers from different colleges of the University of Delhi, Ambedkar University and Indraprastha University. The centre also functions as a physical space for meetings, deliberations and workshops. These collaborations have been important in realizing the vision of creating space within a higher education institution that, functions at the confluence of theory and practice, working towards meaningful implications within elementary education.