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About Us


The Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education is built on the understanding that qualitative changes in educational practice can come about only when teacher’s conscious ‘efforts’ go into conceptualizing and reflecting on their practice. One of the core ideas behind RRCEE is that of bridging the gap between university and schools. To enable this, we believe that it is imperative to engage with various actors-teachers, teacher educators, student teachers and researchers- and institutions. It has built capacities of thousands of stakeholders since its inception in 2007. 

RRCEE was conceptualized to enable institutes of higher education to strengthen quality and achieve equity in elementary education. For the purpose, RRCEE worked majorly in three areas- creating and collating resources (an open library, translation, podcast, researches etc); building capacities of various stakeholders (teacher fellowships, workshops, faculty development programmes, public events etc.) and curriculum revisions (with DIETs, B.Ed, and B.El.Ed). Through its various modes, RRCEE always aimed to create dialogue and capacitate every actor in the discipline of education. 

RRCEE now in its new form, as a standalone website continues to achieve its vision by providing a free space to everyone who reads, thinks, & reflects about education. This website will offer a range of quality academic resources to everyone with open access, along with an opportunity to discuss every nuance in the discipline. This is an interactive space where users can start discussions, write blogs, get regular updates about important events, as well as access more than 1500 open resources at just a click.