Public Events

Public Events

Perhaps the little importance attributed to education in our society becomes evident from the limited public discourse around it. Unfortunately, even when education does find space in the publics, the discussion is restricted to a narrow set of issues. The relationships between society, social structures, identities, schooling and education are ignored. Often, this is accompanied with the voices of children, teachers, and parents being left out.

The biannual public lectures and film screenings organised by RRCEE are an attempt towards broadening the discourse around education by bringing to fore the social and by providing a platform for teachers, teacher educators, researchers, and student teachers to engage with diverse issues that intersect and interact with education. The films and lectures have covered topics including gender and teaching, caste, teaching and learning of science, children’s literature, partition, childhood, and the history of Delhi. The film screenings are accompanied with a panel discussion that often includes the director, academics, and teachers.

You can see the list of film screenings and public lectures here.

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