The Teacher And The World – A film on B.El.Ed Programme

A teacher education course, which prepares teachers to 'live, think, act, and reflect'.
The four year teacher education programme, the Bachelor of Elementary Education (B.El.Ed) is currently been run in 8 colleges of University of Delhi. The course is thought with a difference, and aims at developing humane teachers who are well aware of the society and of the self. It truely believes in the potential of teachers as change makers, and equips them with skills, theoretical understandings and the experience required to do so.
Samina Mishra, renowned film maker, and her team has made this film 'The Teacher and the World' for the Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education.
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Autonomy and dignity of teachers

The concern about autonomy of the university and academic freedom has been an ongoing one, often forming the basis of public discussion in India. However, much of the debate has focused on the external interference in the functioning of the university – the political onslaught on academic freedom; governmental monitoring, financial controls, and similar other interventions from outside the university system. However, there is another angle to autonomy which is less deliberated upon – the internal constraints on academic freedom impacting the autonomy and dignity of teacher.

Transformation or tinkering

With schooling recognized as one key indicator of the human development index, a lot of money and effort has been invested in this sector in recent years. In the eighties, when educators and NGOs were interested in starting programmes with a focus on learning and education, international and other resource agencies often said that it was not their area of priority. Some others felt that socially organizing the people was enough and everything else would fall into place.