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Welcome to the RRCEE blog space. We are glad to have you here with us. 

The purpose of this space is to enable writers to share their experiences in the field of education, to reflect on their journeys as teachers, educationists, students, researchers, professionals and as concerned citizens. 

It is therefore, of paramount importance for the writers to ensure that their work adheres to the community guidelines so that this space becomes a mutually enriching platform for all members of the RRCEE community: 

  • Please ensure that the blogs are written in tasteful and sensitive language; do not include the usage of vulgar language towards an individual or groups of individuals. No blog containing needless expletives will be approved and repeated offenders will be debarred from further contributions. While constructive critical reflections are encouraged, abuse is not. 
  • Ensure strictly that misinformation is not spread through your work. Blogs approved and posted on the website are liable to be removed if found in violation of this clause. 
  • Please ensure that the thoughts expressed in your blogs are your own and not plagiarised from any pre-existing works. In case it is found to be so, during or after the approval phase, the blog will be taken down from the website and a warning will be issued to the concerned member. A repetition of the same might result in the expulsion of the member from the community. 
  • Please ensure that you put a minimum of two tags to your blog during the submission so as to help individuals easily find your article. 
  • Please ensure that the images used in your blogs are copyright-free and acknowledge, cite the source of the images if taken from the internet. 
  • Please avoid ‘misquoting’ in your blogs, i.e. quoting something incorrectly. 

Your submission is subject to approval from the admin. You will be informed once your blog is approved and shared on the RRCEE website. 

The decision of the admin is final and binding on all. 

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