Feminism and Science: Teaching and Learning ‘Science in the Making’ (podcast)

In the fourth episode, Dr Chayanika Shah talks about her experience of studying at IIT and of working as a scientist. She uses feminist studies to critically engage with science and to unravel some of the aspects that are considered central to science but often left unquestioned. Calling for a different approach towards science and science education, she says, "It [science] is a knowledge system that has evolved from among society and it is as encultured as any other knowledge system. When we teach science, let us not teach it as a final product.

Teaching Science: Open the Lab, Pick Up the Trash (podcast)

In the third episode Arvind Gupta is in conversation with Vivek Vellanki. In this fun and loaded conversation, Arvind Gupta discusses his own personal journey into education, science teaching, the role of trash and toys in science education, and children's literature. While talking about science education, he says, “It is a sham, the way we have approached science [education]. Before a child comes to school, the child has done a lot of science.

Bhimayana: Caste, Ambedkar and Art (podcast)

The Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education (RRCEE) is pleased to announce the launch of a podcast series on education. The podcast, titled "Dialoging Education" is driven by a vision of generating dialogue in pursuit of an education system that is equitable, democratic, and addresses questions of social justice.

Education Policy and the Pursuit of Equality: Perspectives from South Africa (podcast)

Education Policy and the Pursuit of Equality: Perspectives from South Africa Dr. Yusuf Sayed in conversation with Vivek Vellanki The first episode of Dialoging Education engages with the subject of education policy and the pursuit of equality. Dr. Yusuf Sayed has worked extensively on looking at education policy in post-apartheid South Africa and also written on international policy, quality debates. In this 28 minute interview with Vivek Vellanki, he discusses the South African education system, teacher education, decentralisation, privatisation, and much more.