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Forum Guidelines

Forum discussions

The Forum has a range of themes under which various topics of discussions can be started. Participants may identify a theme which they wish to start a discussion on, create a topic and simply pose comments and questions there. You can also contribute to an already running discussion with an insightful comment. 

Registration is required to participate in forum discussions. 


  • The civility of language and content should be maintained. Personal attacks and prejudicial comments should be avoided.
  • In case use of vulgar/improper/malicious/fake/dishonorable or derogatory language directed towards individuals, groups or institutions is found, the post will be rejected/taken down from the RRCEE website. Repeated defaulters may lose their membership. 
  • In case of posting a resource or an image, appropriate reference (give hyperlinks rom the internet wherever possible) must be included. All the information provided should be verified for its accuracy. Any sort of misrepresentation of information is the sole responsibility and liability of the participant who writes such statements on the discussion forums.
  • Any sort of personal information or communication should be avoided. In case it is shared by the participant, the website is not responsible for its further usage in any manner of form whatsoever.
  • All posts are subject to approval and moderation from the RRCEE admin team. Once the post is approved and made public, a notification will be sent to the participant.

Let’s come together to create a space which is reflective and constructive!


Unless expressly stated, the views expressed on RRCEE website are not to be construed as the opinions or views of the people associated with moderation, maintenance or editing of the RRCEE website. The goals, net etiquette and guidelines are subject to changes without notice, at the absolute discretion of the RRCEE Moderators. Any changes in this regard shall be posted on this page. 

It will be ensured that all the posts are pre-approved by the RRCEE moderation team. However to report any objectionable post, please contact us at [email protected]. RRCEE reserves the right to remove any post which does not adhere to the guidelines, stated or understood, without any warning or notice.