Bhimayana: Caste, Ambedkar and Art (podcast)

The Regional Resource Centre for Elementary Education (RRCEE) is pleased to announce the launch of a podcast series on education. The podcast, titled “Dialoging Education” is driven by a vision of generating dialogue in pursuit of an education system that is equitable, democratic, and addresses questions of social justice.

In the second episode S. Anand, co-author of the graphic biography of Dr. Ambedkar ‘Bhimayana’, is in conversation with Vivek Vellanki. He discusses the book, Ambedkar and caste. In this interview, Anand raises pertinent issues that have been evaded in textbooks and dominant discourse.

About the Book

‘Bhimayana’ is a graphic biography of Ambedkar and captures his experiences from childhood and youth. Durgabai Vyam and Subhash Vyam have used the Pardhan Gond art to breathe life into the book and present a departure from the comic conventions of the west. The book is subversive at many levels and deeply insightful. The book can be purchased at bookstores or here –…

The edited transcript of the interview can be downloaded as a PDF.

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